10 Different Types of Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VA) possess a significant role in a digital marketing business; they help your company grow exceedingly. Virtual assistants acquire skills in written or verbal communication which helps in organizing important emails and documents, also in scheduling appointments and managing events needed by the employer or client. 

There are the following various types of Digital Assistants in digital marketing that offers an important role in the phenomenal business industries. 

10 Types of Virtual Assistants

1. Real Estate VA 

These are admin assistants that provide services and support to real estate professionals. Real Estate VA can complete a variety of real estate activities, such as organizing paperwork, and in responding to emails, scheduling meetings. 

Aside from handling admin tasks, they can also help with the marketing team. They can do management of databases, guiding leads and prospects, as well as creating lead generation strategies. 

Real Estate VA also responsible to send welcome messages to prospect buyers along with proper lists based on what the client requires; they also write articles and blogs for marketing and create property reports and research.

2. Admin VA

This type of Digital Assistants are also known as General Digital Assistants; they are like the office secretaries that help you to manage your emails and telephone calls, making schedules, set appointments, and making reports and presentations. Thus letting you focused on the core task of your business without further inconvenience. 

3. eCommerce VA

This type of Virtual Assistant is responsible for data entry and handling transactions of the client in a smooth way. They are obliged in managing inventory daily and also conducting the client’s competitor analysis, doing 24/7 customer support. They also take care of processing order and editing images and management of product category. Either you are product marketing on your website or displaying them on a market, an eCommerce VA helps you do the business smoothly. 

4.  Social Media Marketing VA

A social media marketing assistant is responsible for social media marketing job of the client or employer. The basic responsibility of a social media marketing assistant is to create Facebook, Google account, etc. for your market. It also assigned to create profiles of social media in various channels, researching to seek new content for social media posts; and tracing the progress of the posts in analytics and performance metrics, and keeping an eye on your competitors. 

5. Research VA

This Virtual Research Assistant is someone who researches the client’s demand. They are responsible for probable sites for updated information, compilation of research data, researching for significant statistics based on the business of the client, and presenting data in an easy-to-understand format. They must acquire good skills in the field of research.

6. Data Entry VA

The Data Entry VA works to repair, compile and sort data entry. They also obliged to review for accurate data and its management (updating & deleting excessive data) and to keep track of given tasks. They are also responsible to report and enter data to your system.  

7. Marketing VA

Marketing VA is a person aids their clients in numerous tasks related to marketing, such as marketing on Facebook and Twitter, sending out sales email, and doing marketing on youtube and other platforms. They are responsible for researching trends and key phrases such as keywords on social media platforms. They also manage Ad campaigns on different search engines. 

8. Bookkeeping VA

These are the type of virtual assistants who help you manage the cash flow of your business. The Bookkeeping VA does the inventory management and takes care of the bookkeeping procedures and record-keeping. They also responsible for budget and annual bookkeeping and project account reconciliation and cash flows. Also liable for Payroll processing for credit cards. They also do data entry in bookkeeping.

9. Technical VA

The Technical VA is responsible for blog post formatting, plugin update, client site maintenance, site security, and backing up important site data. They also do video and podcast editing; also liable for Google analytics report, and goal set up, migrating lists to new email service providers. Also they create surveys and forms and as well as site troubleshooting and support. 

10. Graphic Designer VA

Graphic designers make images for websites, these images includes pamphlets, signage, logos, photos for blogs, and in books. Mostly the demand of clients for graphic designers is to create social media graphics or pins, and photography in website and promotion and often they create brand services and brand style. Also designing ebooks and printables for clients to promote and market their businesses.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Assistants convey an important role in the digital world. They help small-big scales of business industries in attaining success and promoting competence and accessible business opportunities among the sphere of digital marketing.

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