40 Tedious Sales Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Do you have a hard time doing your company’s repetitive tasks? In managing a growing industry demands ample time. You have to extend your revenues in hiring employees to lessen the workload and make more time in focusing on the business, but it takes a lot of expense to do so, especially when you are still starting your business.

You can avoid spending money from hiring office workers for a small repetitive task, you must know how to delegate it to VAs. Right now there are many capable workers online who charge a lower expense compared to full time employees. Hiring Virtual Assistants online pose a lot of benefits for your business from cutting down costs to getting more tasks done.

Below is a list of tedious tasks you can assign to a Virtual assistant to lessen your workload and have more time to focus on your business. 

40 Tedious Sales Tasks You Can Outsource    

In making your business more prosperous and acquire outstanding rapid growth without compromising your time, you should designate repetitive business tasks to Digital Marketing Assistants. 

Scheduling Appointments

Your VA can help you set appointments, take down notes, and schedule business meetings for you. They can also inform you on your business agendas every day.

Making Business Report

VAs can assist you to prepare and compile business reports daily so you can assess the company’s performance level-from its profits and revenues. These reports help the company to be on top. VAs have skill set in helping you to compile data and record that essential for your business. 

Meta Writing

VAs can help you lessen your burden by doing meta writing job for your social media sites, particularly in writing Meta titles and descriptions for your blog post/article. Meta Writer VA can produce good content of it to get a high search results to help you in your business. 

Creating/Monitoring Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook Ads is not an easy job, it takes a long time for you. Your company’s product/services must be advertised in social media to get more customers to avail it. You need to assign a skillful VA to do Facebook Ads and handle the job easily. 

Image Editing

Photos/images play a  role in your websites. It attracts more clicks to visit your site. You have to make sure that your images are aesthetically good on the eyes of your viewers and that is why you need to hire a VA that has good editing skills and creativity in doing this job. 


Your content must be well written and engaging as well. Your content should be free from errors and you need to double-check it before you publish. You have to get a VA to do proofreading your work content before posting/publishing it on your website. 

Blog Post Creation 

Content is very important in your blog post. Your blog content needs to be on top search every time. The more interesting your content, the more you can get a good search result. Writing your article is time-consuming, it can affect other routines you do in your business. So can you hire a content writer VA to write for you instead. 

Video Editing

Making videos of your company’s products/services is a good way of advertisement to invest. You should hire a VA to edit your video content to post for your company’s website to gain more customers to avail your products and services. 

Uploading Videos on YouTube

You need to upload and update the content of your YouTube account every time. You  must have a creative concept of your videos to catch clicks and visitors. You need VAs to help you in uploading/editing videos on your company account. 

Managing/Creating a YouTube Account

YouTube is also well-known for its great visit of customers online, that is the reason why most businesses/companies put advertisements for their products/services to this site. Your company must have its own YouTube account and manage it every time for uploading content videos, and you need to hire a VA for that job. 

Creating Facebook Page

Digital media platforms are important in the online marketing business, especially on Facebook. You need to have a VA to create Facebook account and post status updates for your company’s products and services and be with the global trend. 

Designing a Website

It is important that you will design  your own website in selling your products or services to your customers online. You have to engage with the trend by creating your own. Also, it will be convenient for you, if you hire a Web Developer VA to design a website, so you can start your online marketing strategies easily. 

Customer Service 

You cannot take all the queries and concerns from your customers on your business. You can assign a Customer Service VA to help you entertain the customers’ needs so that your company can cater to all the concerns of your client to avoid losing one of them in your business. 

Data Entry Tasks

If your company has tasks in data entry every time, you should not put all your efforts in that area and will lose track of time. You can hire a VA in data entry and do the task for your business needs while you stay focus on your advancing company. 

Doing Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is important to keep your business alive for a long time and to keep you on track with your finances. You have to get a VA in doing financial transactions in your business while you don’t compromise your time on your growing industry. 

Filing Annual Taxes for Business

It is needed that your business must file taxes annually. This filing process may require more time for you, so you have to hire an Accountant VA to do the task in your business and you can have spare time on other needs of your company. 

Posting on Social Media 

You need to explore the means of social media platforms to be on top of your business. Posting about your products or services on social media sites might be time consuming for you. You can hire a VA to post content every day on your social media accounts for your business while you observe how your business grows every day.

Doing Keyword Research 

You have to check for your competitors and keep on track on the advancing business competition every time. It is essential to do Keyword Research to check whether you are in the top search online. This task is time consuming and you need to hire a VA to do the monitoring for your business and to be responsible on how can your industry to be the most target of customers online. 

Creating Logos/Signages

Your business must have a logo/signage for the customer can easily know your business. You can  hire graphic designers VA to make a logo for your company that represents your products and services that you sell.

Editing Audio Files

Your company can hire a VA to do the editing of your audio files for advertising your products and services to your customers. They must have good editing skills that will contribute to your company’s profit.

Creating Website Applications

If you have ample time in doing your own web application, you can hire a VA to do it for your business. You just have to tell them want you want and the structure of your program, while you are focusing on the growth of your company.  

Transcribing Contents

If your company wants to produce a blog post in another language structure, you need to hire a VA that can translate your content you desire. You must hire a VA that is good in translating content with satisfactory performance to achieve good reviews for your business. 

Managing Blog Websites

In managing your blog website, it could time consumable and can affect other aspects of your growing business. You must hire a VA to do the task for you in organizing and updating your content, but also in monitoring the clicks it has. 

Creating Powerpoint Presentation

Your business company will engage events like public speaking, seminars, and conferences and it does require you to make PowerPoint presentations, but you have no time on making it. You can hire a VA to do a presentation for you. 

Creating Graphics for Social Media Channels

Images are good tool for advertisement and serves as a click-bait for your customers to visit your site. You must use good graphics on posting on your social media channels to attract prospect clients of your business. 

Improving Website Performance

 As well as creating your company’s website, you also have to check whether its performance is good so that you can connect to your clients without further errors. You need to hire some web developers to maintain and monitor your website performance. 

Making Telephone Calls

When your company/business grows rapidly, you are also having a lot of clients/customers. With that, you need to have a VA to answer phone calls with your customer’s concerns so that it can be easily taken action. 

Business Travel Booking

If your company is a travel booking agency, or into the customer service industry, you have to assign VAs to do the job instead of you. You have to make sure that the VAs are good at dealing with customers and can give credit to your company’s competency. 

Training Employees

Your company can also conduct online training for your employees and you have to get VAs to assess and do the training for your business.  If you have no time in engaging with training your employees, you can do it online, so you can focus on your growing business. 

Managing Company Emails

When your company grows rapidly, you have no ample time doing excessive task in your business like receiving and replying emails.  You have to assign someone to manage your company emails from your clients and check it every time with the assurance of missing nothing. 

Recruiting Applicants

Recruiting willing applicants in your company takes a long process. You can recruit a VA to test or assess applicants in your company and can do background checks for you. 

Handling Legal Documents

Businesses do have legal assistance when it comes to their contracts or having partnerships with others. You can hire a VA Lawyer that can help you with legal matters online at an affordable rate. 

Building Courses Online 

Customers can avail online courses to a certain field she wants. If your company is in the field of training and giving online courses, you should hire VAs to make websites for your company. 

Website Troubleshooting/Maintenance

Your site requires maintenance regularly and updating content for your products and services. You need to have a VA to help you maintain your site as well as to check the security settings of your site. 


This field is important to inform your customer to purchase products of your company. You must hire a good copywriter VA that can do a satisfactory job for you that can help your business a top sales. 

Uploading Photos/Videos in Social Media Platforms

In this digital era, businesses can be a click to customers through the help of social media platforms. In posting company products/services in social media, you have to hire a VA to assist and uploading your company’s videos/photos of your products online. 

Managing Clients

Assisting your clients/prospects is never an easy job. You must put extra time dealing with them, and you have no long time doing especially when you have many clients. You need a VA to assist your clients’ queries and concerns, and getting them appointments on behalf of your business. 

Moderating YouTube comments

Aside from posting videos on your company’s YouTube account, you must monitor the comment section on your videos. You need a VA to monitor the comments in your videos because there are comments that are not good for viewing.

Taking Notes during Company Meetings 

It is important to take notes during company meetings to help you be on track in your company agendas. Aside from other services, you can hire a VA Secretary to do the job for you in making notes, summarizing it, and organizing to files online, to make your work easier, and having time on other areas of your business. 

Making Spreadsheets

Listing your data, activities, meta descriptions, and other important records your company requires a lot of time and effort. You need a VA to support in making your spreadsheets for the records you needed. 


VAs have an important role in your company’s excellence and competency in the market. The minor or major tasks of your company routines can be assisted by Virtual Marketing Assistants from scheduling your company’s appointments and into creating company websites. VAs do help in strengthening your company’s weaknesses. They also reduce your stress, resource expenses,  and can quicken your business operations. 

For your company to expand in growth, you must avail yourself of hiring competent and skillful VAs and see how your company prosper in every way!

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