Manage Software Connectors


You need a tech-savvy VA to manage your connectors like Zapier, Plusthis Integromat, to your favorite CRM and Marketing Automation tool. You may need some technical help in the setting up of features or zaps, and also help to maintain them in case of breakages and changes to your website.

What Is Manage Software Connectors?

Other software data to be connected to CRM:
  1. Add/Edit contacts in CRM
  2. Create Notes, Tasks, Orders in CRM
  3. Add companies/accounts to CRM
  4. Trigger Actions on CRM via tags


  • Plusthis
  • Integromat
  • Novak
  • MyFusionHelper
  • Zapier

Get Started with

  • Select your CRM
  • Fill in your Connector
  • Fill up the form to help us better understand your needs, and get 1 hour Task for FREE.