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Customer service is more than just answering calls and replying to inquiries, it’s the heart of any business. It ensures that your customers are satisfied throughout their buying journey and they feel valued and important.

Your customer service team is a reflection of your business. They define the customer experience, and they are the key to converting your prospects into buyers. Plus, it can guarantee that they will remain loyal to your business.

What Is Customer Service?

Customer Service refers to the support you provide to your customers throughout their buying journey – from awareness to your business to purchase. It’s an in-person interaction that involves calls, emails, text messages and other forms of communication.

A great customer service creates happy customers, and they are most likely to spend more money on your business, increasing your profit. They also help increase your brand awareness and improve your business reputation, as they promote it to their social network.

Through customer service, you acquire feedback and comments which are essential for future improvements. Remember that customer retention is significantly cheaper than acquiring new customers.

Overall, customer service helps you in reputation management, brand awareness, increasing profit and revenue, expansion, and customer satisfaction which are all vital factors to thrive in the business industry.


Picking Up Diverted Calls

  • A call is diverted to the PH line if the line in the main branch in Singapore is busy
  • The call support agent picks up the call and entertains the customer

Answering Inquiries

  • Calls or emails vary from customer to customer which the customer support agent answers with accurate information

Availing Services

  • Avail of services is settled by the customer support agent and is plotted for reminder

Following Up On Leads

  • Gathered leads are contacted by the customer support agent to follow whether or not they want to avail the company’s services

Processing Payments

  • Payments made by the clients are settled, processed and recorded by the customer service agent

Collating Reviews

  • The customer service agent collates reviews from the company’s website and social media accounts

Replying To Reviews

  • The customer service agent reads feedback, reviews and suggestions given to the company to assess further improvements and answers them politely
  • Addresses issues and concerns posted as reviews

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