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In every business, you will always face ups and downs. You encounter difficult situations like time mismanagement. It’s good to know that you have someone reliable working for you, so you can give more time in managing your business. Virtual assistants can be your dependable employee that can be paid with low cost amount compared to regular employees. Hiring virtual assistants can give a lot of advantages for your business, from less cost to more productivity. 

  1. How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business
  2. The Importance Of Virtual Assistant
  3. 15 Signs You Need A Virtual Assistant
  4. How MarTech Virtual Assistant Is Unique
  5. Final Thoughts

How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business?

The first question to answer before going to the next level is “What is a Virtual Assistant?” Virtual Assistants provide quality services to clients by helping them to lessen workloads in their businesses. They are classified in specialization, and they are trained to work under pressure when it comes to their specialized area. 

VAs prefer to work in the comfort of their homes so you don’t have to give them space in your office. There are no benefits given such as insurance, paid leave, etc. You just have to give them proper and detailed instructions on what to do, and they’re ready to provide output you want. 

The Importance Of Virtual Assistants

Companies give a lot of importance to recruiting experienced virtual assistants. Have you wondered why? You see, virtual assistants are professionals who only charge for the hours they work. They also have no work space and with fewer benefit need. Companies will save a lot of money hiring these VAs than hiring a full-time employee.

Virtual Assistants produces reliable and efficient work. They will  divert their client into solving the core problems of the business. Their clients will improve the company and there will be no slowing down of the production. This is why companies need quality VAs to help their growing business. 

15 Signs You Need A Virtual Assistant

Below are 15 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant for your business.

1. Slow Business Growth

No business owner is Superman who can do everything by himself. Doing all the tasks by yourself only slows your production. This type of mentality won’t do you any good and it won’t give you the results you want for your business. Hiring virtual assistants will give you more hands which will give you a boost in production. Manpower is a must in a company and there’s no harm in hiring specialized professionals to do your work.

2. Low Number Of Talented Employees

A huge talent pool is a must for any company.  You have to produce competent people to help you manage your business. Lack of talented employees may affect your company’s growth and competence. VAs are the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for talented individuals. They are very talented in their specialised fields. 

3. High Operational Costs

Hiring office employees can add cost in your company’s revenue. Aside from giving them monthly wages, you also have to give them other benefits. You can avoid high operational costs by hiring Virtual Assistants. Virtual assistants can work offsite and only bill the enterprise for the hours they work.  This will help you save more money for your company. 

4. High Workload

It is normal if your company is experiencing a high workload when your business is getting bigger. You have a lot of clients to entertain. Designate work tasks to some skilled people who can help your business. It’s time for you to try hiring VAs for the task. VAs work and tend on the tasks at hand.

5. Unfocused Operations

Company executives should focus on core operations and administrative tasks. If you’re focused only on the small things on your company and not on the bigger picture, then you’re in trouble. Outsource your tedious tasks to Virtual Assistants that will help you solve this problem. 

6. Less Availability From Full-time employees

People tend on spending their weekends work-free especially if they’re full-time employees. This will cause less availability of its employees, especially the works to cope up on weekends. Avoid this with the VAs help because Digital Assistants are available 24/7.

7. High expense on Vacations, Sick Days, Health Insurance on Employees

VAs are not part of the company’s roster. You won’t have to worry about paying for Vacations, Sick Days, and Health Insurances. You can hire a VA with low cost expense without spending huge amount of money paying their health insurance and other benefits you have to give just like regular employees. Payment is not an issue in hiring a VA to do tasks for your business. 

8. Less Work in More Time

This scenario can happen in any businesses. Several office employees are hired every now and then with less work designated to them.  This case requires your company to spend more revenue for compensation. Better to hire VA for lesser work payment and avoid hiring employees for a small task. 

9. Low Online Presence

If you are giving more focus on your core business, and having less time online, you can assign a VA to do the job for you. Increasing your online presence by hiring a virtual assistant is a good choice. VAs’ expertise lies in many fields and using VAs help, you can increase your online presence with ease.

10. Inflexible Working Ethics

In working with your client, you need to hire people that can be flexible to every task provided. At a time span given to them, VAs focus on producing quality work for their clients. Work Ethics are the least of your worries when it comes to Virtual Assistants.

11. Confidentiality Breach

Breach of Confidentiality is common to big enterprises. VAs work on the task based on the accounts given to them. They will only ask for more details when special circumstances occur. There is a small to none chance that a virtual assistant will breach confidentiality. It’s also one of the reasons that there is no harm in hiring a Virtual Assistant.

12. Slowed Down Business Operations

Operations slow down when problems occur. You need manpower to do excessive task. With virtual assistants help and availability, you can avoid these problems. VAs help the company run like clockwork because of their availability.

13. Inefficient Customer Handling

Customers are hard to please and this why most people handle customer services as tricky. Aside from that, you have no ample time to cater all the queries of your customers, so better hire a VA to help you handle customers. VAs are well-versed in handling customers and that’s one of the benefits of hiring them.

14. Employees With Little Extra Skill Set

Big enterprises don’t always have a huge talent pool when it comes to their employees. Some employees have a small variety of skill sets that do not apply to some situations. Throughout years of experience, Virtual Assistants learned a lot of skills. These skills will help you and your enterprise increase its performance.

15. Low-Quality and Unproductive Results

Virtual assistants will give a 100% effort in every task given to them. Giving quality services to their clients is what they always aim for. Hiring these experts will give you peace of mind because each task returned to you was done with quality.

If you encounter any of these signs then we recommend you try hiring VAs to solve these problems at its infancy. 

How MarTech Virtual Assistant Is Unique From The Rest

MarTech Virtual Assistants provide a hundred percent quality work every time. It also prioritises the needs and wants of its clients. Time is a luxury too precious to waste that is why MarTech tends to help companies whether big or small. To increase their sales and improve their sales growth is what we always aim here at MarTech.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Assistants are way too different than full-time employees. Some may even distrust VAs because of geographical reasons. The best thing about VAs is that, nothing will stop them in making quality work and services. Precision and accuracy will be seen at every task done. It’s the aim of virtual assistants to leave no clients unsatisfied. 

So if you’re experiencing these signs, there will be no harm in hiring these experts. Don’t wait anymore, hire a virtual assistant and oost your business performance.

https://martechva.com/15-signs-your-business-needs-a-virtual-assistant/feed/ 0
40 Tedious Sales Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant https://martechva.com/40-tedious-sales-tasks-you-can-outsource-to-a-virtual-assistant/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=40-tedious-sales-tasks-you-can-outsource-to-a-virtual-assistant https://martechva.com/40-tedious-sales-tasks-you-can-outsource-to-a-virtual-assistant/#respond Wed, 13 Nov 2019 06:30:42 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3427 #post-3427 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3427 > div:nth-child(1){ height: 70%; }

Do you have a hard time doing your company’s repetitive tasks? In managing a growing industry demands ample time. You have to extend your revenues in hiring employees to lessen the workload and make more time in focusing on the business, but it takes a lot of expense to do so, especially when you are still starting your business.

You can avoid spending money from hiring office workers for a small repetitive task, you must know how to delegate it to VAs. Right now there are many capable workers online who charge a lower expense compared to full time employees. Hiring Virtual Assistants online pose a lot of benefits for your business from cutting down costs to getting more tasks done.

Below is a list of tedious tasks you can assign to a Virtual assistant to lessen your workload and have more time to focus on your business. 

40 Tedious Sales Tasks You Can Outsource    

In making your business more prosperous and acquire outstanding rapid growth without compromising your time, you should designate repetitive business tasks to Digital Marketing Assistants. 

Scheduling Appointments

Your VA can help you set appointments, take down notes, and schedule business meetings for you. They can also inform you on your business agendas every day.

Making Business Report

VAs can assist you to prepare and compile business reports daily so you can assess the company’s performance level-from its profits and revenues. These reports help the company to be on top. VAs have skill set in helping you to compile data and record that essential for your business. 

Meta Writing

VAs can help you lessen your burden by doing meta writing job for your social media sites, particularly in writing Meta titles and descriptions for your blog post/article. Meta Writer VA can produce good content of it to get a high search results to help you in your business. 

Creating/Monitoring Facebook Ads

Creating a Facebook Ads is not an easy job, it takes a long time for you. Your company’s product/services must be advertised in social media to get more customers to avail it. You need to assign a skillful VA to do Facebook Ads and handle the job easily. 

Image Editing

Photos/images play a  role in your websites. It attracts more clicks to visit your site. You have to make sure that your images are aesthetically good on the eyes of your viewers and that is why you need to hire a VA that has good editing skills and creativity in doing this job. 


Your content must be well written and engaging as well. Your content should be free from errors and you need to double-check it before you publish. You have to get a VA to do proofreading your work content before posting/publishing it on your website. 

Blog Post Creation 

Content is very important in your blog post. Your blog content needs to be on top search every time. The more interesting your content, the more you can get a good search result. Writing your article is time-consuming, it can affect other routines you do in your business. So can you hire a content writer VA to write for you instead. 

Video Editing

Making videos of your company’s products/services is a good way of advertisement to invest. You should hire a VA to edit your video content to post for your company’s website to gain more customers to avail your products and services. 

Uploading Videos on YouTube

You need to upload and update the content of your YouTube account every time. You  must have a creative concept of your videos to catch clicks and visitors. You need VAs to help you in uploading/editing videos on your company account. 

Managing/Creating a YouTube Account

YouTube is also well-known for its great visit of customers online, that is the reason why most businesses/companies put advertisements for their products/services to this site. Your company must have its own YouTube account and manage it every time for uploading content videos, and you need to hire a VA for that job. 

Creating Facebook Page

Digital media platforms are important in the online marketing business, especially on Facebook. You need to have a VA to create Facebook account and post status updates for your company’s products and services and be with the global trend. 

Designing a Website

It is important that you will design  your own website in selling your products or services to your customers online. You have to engage with the trend by creating your own. Also, it will be convenient for you, if you hire a Web Developer VA to design a website, so you can start your online marketing strategies easily. 

Customer Service 

You cannot take all the queries and concerns from your customers on your business. You can assign a Customer Service VA to help you entertain the customers’ needs so that your company can cater to all the concerns of your client to avoid losing one of them in your business. 

Data Entry Tasks

If your company has tasks in data entry every time, you should not put all your efforts in that area and will lose track of time. You can hire a VA in data entry and do the task for your business needs while you stay focus on your advancing company. 

Doing Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is important to keep your business alive for a long time and to keep you on track with your finances. You have to get a VA in doing financial transactions in your business while you don’t compromise your time on your growing industry. 

Filing Annual Taxes for Business

It is needed that your business must file taxes annually. This filing process may require more time for you, so you have to hire an Accountant VA to do the task in your business and you can have spare time on other needs of your company. 

Posting on Social Media 

You need to explore the means of social media platforms to be on top of your business. Posting about your products or services on social media sites might be time consuming for you. You can hire a VA to post content every day on your social media accounts for your business while you observe how your business grows every day.

Doing Keyword Research 

You have to check for your competitors and keep on track on the advancing business competition every time. It is essential to do Keyword Research to check whether you are in the top search online. This task is time consuming and you need to hire a VA to do the monitoring for your business and to be responsible on how can your industry to be the most target of customers online. 

Creating Logos/Signages

Your business must have a logo/signage for the customer can easily know your business. You can  hire graphic designers VA to make a logo for your company that represents your products and services that you sell.

Editing Audio Files

Your company can hire a VA to do the editing of your audio files for advertising your products and services to your customers. They must have good editing skills that will contribute to your company’s profit.

Creating Website Applications

If you have ample time in doing your own web application, you can hire a VA to do it for your business. You just have to tell them want you want and the structure of your program, while you are focusing on the growth of your company.  

Transcribing Contents

If your company wants to produce a blog post in another language structure, you need to hire a VA that can translate your content you desire. You must hire a VA that is good in translating content with satisfactory performance to achieve good reviews for your business. 

Managing Blog Websites

In managing your blog website, it could time consumable and can affect other aspects of your growing business. You must hire a VA to do the task for you in organizing and updating your content, but also in monitoring the clicks it has. 

Creating Powerpoint Presentation

Your business company will engage events like public speaking, seminars, and conferences and it does require you to make PowerPoint presentations, but you have no time on making it. You can hire a VA to do a presentation for you. 

Creating Graphics for Social Media Channels

Images are good tool for advertisement and serves as a click-bait for your customers to visit your site. You must use good graphics on posting on your social media channels to attract prospect clients of your business. 

Improving Website Performance

 As well as creating your company’s website, you also have to check whether its performance is good so that you can connect to your clients without further errors. You need to hire some web developers to maintain and monitor your website performance. 

Making Telephone Calls

When your company/business grows rapidly, you are also having a lot of clients/customers. With that, you need to have a VA to answer phone calls with your customer’s concerns so that it can be easily taken action. 

Business Travel Booking

If your company is a travel booking agency, or into the customer service industry, you have to assign VAs to do the job instead of you. You have to make sure that the VAs are good at dealing with customers and can give credit to your company’s competency. 

Training Employees

Your company can also conduct online training for your employees and you have to get VAs to assess and do the training for your business.  If you have no time in engaging with training your employees, you can do it online, so you can focus on your growing business. 

Managing Company Emails

When your company grows rapidly, you have no ample time doing excessive task in your business like receiving and replying emails.  You have to assign someone to manage your company emails from your clients and check it every time with the assurance of missing nothing. 

Recruiting Applicants

Recruiting willing applicants in your company takes a long process. You can recruit a VA to test or assess applicants in your company and can do background checks for you. 

Handling Legal Documents

Businesses do have legal assistance when it comes to their contracts or having partnerships with others. You can hire a VA Lawyer that can help you with legal matters online at an affordable rate. 

Building Courses Online 

Customers can avail online courses to a certain field she wants. If your company is in the field of training and giving online courses, you should hire VAs to make websites for your company. 

Website Troubleshooting/Maintenance

Your site requires maintenance regularly and updating content for your products and services. You need to have a VA to help you maintain your site as well as to check the security settings of your site. 


This field is important to inform your customer to purchase products of your company. You must hire a good copywriter VA that can do a satisfactory job for you that can help your business a top sales. 

Uploading Photos/Videos in Social Media Platforms

In this digital era, businesses can be a click to customers through the help of social media platforms. In posting company products/services in social media, you have to hire a VA to assist and uploading your company’s videos/photos of your products online. 

Managing Clients

Assisting your clients/prospects is never an easy job. You must put extra time dealing with them, and you have no long time doing especially when you have many clients. You need a VA to assist your clients’ queries and concerns, and getting them appointments on behalf of your business. 

Moderating YouTube comments

Aside from posting videos on your company’s YouTube account, you must monitor the comment section on your videos. You need a VA to monitor the comments in your videos because there are comments that are not good for viewing.

Taking Notes during Company Meetings 

It is important to take notes during company meetings to help you be on track in your company agendas. Aside from other services, you can hire a VA Secretary to do the job for you in making notes, summarizing it, and organizing to files online, to make your work easier, and having time on other areas of your business. 

Making Spreadsheets

Listing your data, activities, meta descriptions, and other important records your company requires a lot of time and effort. You need a VA to support in making your spreadsheets for the records you needed. 


VAs have an important role in your company’s excellence and competency in the market. The minor or major tasks of your company routines can be assisted by Virtual Marketing Assistants from scheduling your company’s appointments and into creating company websites. VAs do help in strengthening your company’s weaknesses. They also reduce your stress, resource expenses,  and can quicken your business operations. 

For your company to expand in growth, you must avail yourself of hiring competent and skillful VAs and see how your company prosper in every way!

https://martechva.com/40-tedious-sales-tasks-you-can-outsource-to-a-virtual-assistant/feed/ 0
10 Types of Tools You Need To Work With Your Virtual Team https://martechva.com/10-types-of-tools-you-need-to-work-with-your-virtual-team/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-types-of-tools-you-need-to-work-with-your-virtual-team https://martechva.com/10-types-of-tools-you-need-to-work-with-your-virtual-team/#respond Fri, 01 Nov 2019 06:15:37 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3369 #post-3369 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3369 > div:nth-child(1){ height: 90%; }

A few years back, working remotely seemed to be unrealistic and impossible. Well, not anymore. With the advancement of technology, things we thought impossible are now possible. 

There are already a lot of businesses around us that can be managed remotely. Also, professionals can now become productive while working outside their physical offices.

This is possible through the help of different types of virtual tools and platforms. 

Even though there are several advantages you can get from hiring from virtual assistants, it will still prove to be challenging. To ensure the success of your VAs or virtual team, you need to have a medium for you to collaborate, communicate, and easily share your ideas.

Different Types of Virtual Tools to Work with Your VA

In the workplace, the collaboration of each team member is a must to achieve a shared goal. To complete the highest level of collaboration of each of your VAs, you need to have a medium where all of them can efficiently and effectively collaborate despite their distance. 

Here are the 10 different types of virtual tools you need to have for your VAs or virtual teams:

1# Email Platform

Emails are considered as an essential medium for communication in the virtual world. As a business owner, setting up a plain email account for your virtual assistant will still fine. But it would be better if you were able to customize your email with your domain if you want to look like a legit professional. 

To do that, you need to avail of an upgraded email account. For example, Google has they have this GSuite account which you can connect your plain email and pay $5/month. With an upgraded account you can customize or name your email address with your business name. It also includes an upgrade of your Google Drive, instead of having 15GB space you’ll have 30GB. 

Other email platforms have their perks. Here are some of the best email platforms you can use for your VAs:

  • Gmail
  • Zoho mail
  • ProtonMail
  • Outlook 
  • Tutanota
  • Yahoo! Mail

2# Chat Communication Platforms

Once you already have a handful of clients, juggling with tasks and keeping in touch with them will prove to be challenging. It will be frequently for you to lose track of your inbox as the number of emails keeps growing every day.

To avoid that from happening, instant messaging applications allow you to manage all incoming messages in one place.

As an example, Slack allows you to create different channels for different specific topics. 

Here are good chat communication platforms you could use with your VAs or virtual teams:

  • Skype
  • Hangouts
  • Slack
  • Jabber 

3# Video and Audio Communication Tools

If you have an important subject or topic you want to discuss with your VAs. Platforms such as Skype and BlueJeans allow you to connect with your VAs through video and audio calls. Through these applications, you can conversely communicate with your team as if your having a conference meeting with them.

Through video calls, you can freely express and discuss all the necessary agenda. Unlike instant messaging, sometimes you can’t freely express what you have in mind. To help you build a collaborative synergy with your VAs, here are some helpful applications that offers quality video and audio calls:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans

4# Payment Portals

Depending on the type of payment portals/methods you’ve been using these years. Still, it’s good to have a reliable online payment gateway (e.g., Payoneer, and Paypal) for your VAs. This type of tool allows you to directly send all of your VAs their salary into their accounts. The best part is there’s little to no fee at all.

You can also use these platforms for your business, especially if there are clients who would prefer to send their payments through one of these platforms.

Try searching for which payment portal would perfectly fit the type of business you have, and which is more popular in your area. To help you, here are some of the best payment gateway provider on the market:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • 2CheckOut
  • Stripe
  • PayU
  • Amazon Payments

5# Project Management Tools

Managing several projects and tasks to your VAs who currently lives hundreds of miles away can be challenging. To solve this problem, project management tools were created.

These types of tools enables you to manage, plan, and assign projects and tasks to your VAs through this platform. Also, this type of tool enables you to keep track of the progress of each project, how far or near they are on finishing it.

If you haven’t yet chosen a project management tool, here are some best you want to use:

  •  Trello
  •  Basecamp
  •  Hubstaff
  •  Projecturf
  •  Teamwork

6# Document Storage

File sharing is common when working with virtual assistants. As the employer, it is your job to provide to your VAs a reliable document storage platform where both of you can access, retrieve, and share documents. 

The level of accessibility of documents and data of your VA can determine their efficiency when working on a project.

Here are some of the best file-sharing platforms you can use with VAs:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox 
  • SharePoint
  • Onehub

7# Time Trackers

Time trackers help you to keep track of how much time did your VAs worked with their projects. It will also help them keep track of which project they should work on after.

One of the best things about time trackers is that multiple users can use it simultaneously. You can also manage their tasks through this tool.

Here are some of the widely used time trackers:

  • Clockify
  • Flipd
  • My Hours
  • Hubstaff
  • Screenmeter

8# Password Management Tools

Trying to come up with multiple cryptic passwords for every account can be frustrating. Sometimes we have this fear of our passwords and pins get leaked out to the internet when we try to share it with our VAs. It is not that we doubt our VAs, but the level of security and assurance that these vital information aren’t leaked out we are concerned about.

But with a secure and easy-to-use password management tool, helps you manage all login credentials on all of your devices and your VA. Keeping your passwords safe and it automatically fills any form and syncs your data.

Here are some password management tools you’d want to try:

  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
  • Bitwarden

9# Document Co-creation Tools

You might have encountered working with someone who uses a different application/platform on creating certain documents. However, it leads to incompatibility because his file isn’t compatible with the one your using.

To solve this issue, declaring a common document creation platform with your VAs avoids unnecessary file formats.

Document co-creation tools allow you and your VAs to co-create as well as co-edit certain documents simultaneously. This improves your team’s efficiency and productivity if all of them use the same platform on creating documents.

Here are some of the common platforms used for document creation:

  • Google Docs
  • Prezi
  • Scribblar
  • Conceptboard

10# Meeting Tools

Meeting tools enables you to connect with all of your VAs on a single platform to conduct weekly or monthly meetings. These tools help you to collaborate and meet with them despite their distance. 

To help you choose which meeting tools to use, here are some suggested meeting programs/platform:

  • WebEx
  • GoToMeeting
  • Google Hangouts
  • HubSpot Meetings

Final Thoughts

Collaborating with your VA team alone can be hard and frustrating. But with the help of these different types of virtual tools, you can now work efficiently and effectively on any projects with your VAs. Have you already used some of these tools? What are you waiting for? Try some of them now!

https://martechva.com/10-types-of-tools-you-need-to-work-with-your-virtual-team/feed/ 0
7 Useful Tips On How to Effectively Work With Your Virtual Assistant https://martechva.com/7-useful-tips-on-how-to-effectively-work-with-your-virtual-assistant/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=7-useful-tips-on-how-to-effectively-work-with-your-virtual-assistant https://martechva.com/7-useful-tips-on-how-to-effectively-work-with-your-virtual-assistant/#respond Thu, 24 Oct 2019 02:06:18 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3343 #post-3343 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3343 > div:nth-child(1){ height: 80%; }

As a businessman, you’ve been there before, tight schedules, handful of meetings, mountains of paperwork, and others. You have a lot of work piled up on your shoulders, yet you can’t afford to hire a full- time worker to help you with all the work. If you’re short on resources and don’t want to go through all the hassle of hiring a regular employee, then virtual assistants are for you. They are as efficient and effective in getting the work done as any employee.

Find out how they can help you make running your business easier and more productive.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Before we discuss how to effectively work with your virtual assistant, it’s best to talk first about what they are.

A virtual assistant or VA is a self-employed professional who provides services to their clients while operating outside of their offices. Typically, these professionals work or operate from a home office. Nevertheless, these professionals have access to all vital planning documents, files, records, and the like remotely. 

Individuals who are employed as virtual assistants commonly had several years of experience working in a normal office setting before working online.

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

  • Real Estate VA
  • Admin VA
  • eCommerce VA
  • Social Media Marketing VA
  • Research VA
  • Marketing VA
  • Bookkeeping VA
  • Technical VA 
  • Graphics Designer VA

Read our previous blog here to further understand each type of VA.

How to Work Effectively With Your Virtual Assistant

Once you already identified what type of virtual assistant you need. Here are vital key points on how you and your VA work toward the same goal.

Make Communication a Priority

We sometimes have this habit of keeping our communication at a bare minimum on individuals who we don’t usually see every time. Well, that will not work with your VA. Having good communication is a keystone for a relationship, especially for people in the virtual world. 

As you keep it as a habit of talking to your VA through chat, emails, and video calls. Both you and your VA will become comfortable communicating. It would then be easier for you to point out potential red flags. As for your VA, it would also be easier for him or her to suggest some ideas make the project much efficient and effective.

Share Records or Data

Once you already have established a sturdy communication, then it would be wise to trust him with your business data and records. Before handing it to him, choose a file-sharing platform (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox,) that both of you can access.

What we mean when we say let him or her handle the data, is that you provide all the necessary data(depending on the type of VA you hired) needed for the work to be done. With access to all the necessary files needed, your VA will be able to work with each project efficiently.

Reward the Skill You Value

Everyone loves to be rewarded. In your case, acknowledging your VA for every job well done is always valued. To be more specific, compliment and provide incentive of any great work they’ve done that resulted in a revenue boost. Doing this will motivate your VA to work harder, like any employee, but at the same time you build a good relationship with him or her.

Aside from giving compliments, it’s also good to point out the skills you want your VA to develop. If you find that he or she has great potential in one skill, then encourage it. State clearly what skills you admire and need, and relay what you dislike. Open communication helps your VA improve and your business to flourish in the long run.

Share Your Expectations

Since you’ve already given the list of projects to work to your VA including the timeline for each project, he will be guided on what to work on first.  Stating your expectations is vital to the success of the project your VA is working on. But, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic, your VA isn’t Superman. Don’t expect them to accomplish something even you can’t do by yourself.

Other than basic expectations for every task, you should also share with your VA the specific expectation of the project. Remember, that your VA is part of your team, if you want them to do their tasks correctly, don’t leave them in the dark.

In addition, they’ll have a clear picture of what you want to achieve out of the project.

Test Your Virtual Assistant

Before committing a long-term contract with your VA, try giving him or her a test to complete. If he did well and passed with flying colors, then it would be a good sign to have them on a long-term project.

Bear in mind that a good test will measure their capabilities and limits. With that, you can work around their weaknesses and further improve their strengths. Give them a test before hiring or handing them a task, otherwise you might just end up with more work instead of less. Good thing there are agencies like MartechVA who do quality control and regulate VAs, so you won’t have to do the sorting and testing.

Give Them the Right Tools

One of the problems most employers encounter when working with a VA is that they think their VA knows all the tools needed for the job. Well, most of them are not that knowledgeable in terms of tools and processes you do. Sure most have background on general tools, but for industry related tools they will encounter problems.

Remember that these professionals are only making a few dollars per hour. That is why they can’t afford accessing premium tools to increase their productivity and they aren’t working in the same field as you. You may also have processes and tools not commonly used.

You as the employer can make their tasks much easier by sharing them the tools you use for a particular task. Otherwise, it will take them much longer to finish what should have been an easy task to perform.

Establish a Good Relationship with Your VA

Even though both of you are on the opposite sides of the world, it’s still very crucial to establish a good relationship with your VA. To do this, try spending some time with them through chat on their free time.

Try asking common and friendly questions like, “What do you do in your free time?”, “What are your hobbies?”, “Where do you want to travel abroad?”, things like that.

It will not be long until both of you establish a rapport. Once that is built, your VA will value your projects and actually take it to heart helping you achieve your goals. It is essential to establish a good relationship with your VA that goes beyond work, in the same way you need to take care of your normal employees.

Final Thoughts

VAs no matter how far they are from you are still employees. It’s important to help them do their task so they can achieve the goals you want them to reach. These useful tips will help you build the correct attitude and direction when it comes to handling your virtual assistant. 

Don’t want the hassle of testing, sorting and monitoring a virtual assistant? MartechVA will make things even easier for you! We’ll handle the screen and testing of all VAs, all you have to do is order the task you want done. Contact us today to learn more!

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10 Different Types of Virtual Assistant https://martechva.com/10-different-types-of-virtual-assistant/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-different-types-of-virtual-assistant https://martechva.com/10-different-types-of-virtual-assistant/#respond Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:44:54 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3331 #post-3331 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3331 > div:nth-child(1){ height: 80%; }

Virtual Assistants (VA) possess a significant role in a digital marketing business; they help your company grow exceedingly. Virtual assistants acquire skills in written or verbal communication which helps in organizing important emails and documents, also in scheduling appointments and managing events needed by the employer or client. 

There are the following various types of Digital Assistants in digital marketing that offers an important role in the phenomenal business industries. 

10 Types of Virtual Assistants

1. Real Estate VA 

These are admin assistants that provide services and support to real estate professionals. Real Estate VA can complete a variety of real estate activities, such as organizing paperwork, and in responding to emails, scheduling meetings. 

Aside from handling admin tasks, they can also help with the marketing team. They can do management of databases, guiding leads and prospects, as well as creating lead generation strategies. 

Real Estate VA also responsible to send welcome messages to prospect buyers along with proper lists based on what the client requires; they also write articles and blogs for marketing and create property reports and research.

2. Admin VA

This type of Digital Assistants are also known as General Digital Assistants; they are like the office secretaries that help you to manage your emails and telephone calls, making schedules, set appointments, and making reports and presentations. Thus letting you focused on the core task of your business without further inconvenience. 

3. eCommerce VA

This type of Virtual Assistant is responsible for data entry and handling transactions of the client in a smooth way. They are obliged in managing inventory daily and also conducting the client’s competitor analysis, doing 24/7 customer support. They also take care of processing order and editing images and management of product category. Either you are product marketing on your website or displaying them on a market, an eCommerce VA helps you do the business smoothly. 

4.  Social Media Marketing VA

A social media marketing assistant is responsible for social media marketing job of the client or employer. The basic responsibility of a social media marketing assistant is to create Facebook, Google account, etc. for your market. It also assigned to create profiles of social media in various channels, researching to seek new content for social media posts; and tracing the progress of the posts in analytics and performance metrics, and keeping an eye on your competitors. 

5. Research VA

This Virtual Research Assistant is someone who researches the client’s demand. They are responsible for probable sites for updated information, compilation of research data, researching for significant statistics based on the business of the client, and presenting data in an easy-to-understand format. They must acquire good skills in the field of research.

6. Data Entry VA

The Data Entry VA works to repair, compile and sort data entry. They also obliged to review for accurate data and its management (updating & deleting excessive data) and to keep track of given tasks. They are also responsible to report and enter data to your system.  

7. Marketing VA

Marketing VA is a person aids their clients in numerous tasks related to marketing, such as marketing on Facebook and Twitter, sending out sales email, and doing marketing on youtube and other platforms. They are responsible for researching trends and key phrases such as keywords on social media platforms. They also manage Ad campaigns on different search engines. 

8. Bookkeeping VA

These are the type of virtual assistants who help you manage the cash flow of your business. The Bookkeeping VA does the inventory management and takes care of the bookkeeping procedures and record-keeping. They also responsible for budget and annual bookkeeping and project account reconciliation and cash flows. Also liable for Payroll processing for credit cards. They also do data entry in bookkeeping.

9. Technical VA

The Technical VA is responsible for blog post formatting, plugin update, client site maintenance, site security, and backing up important site data. They also do video and podcast editing; also liable for Google analytics report, and goal set up, migrating lists to new email service providers. Also they create surveys and forms and as well as site troubleshooting and support. 

10. Graphic Designer VA

Graphic designers make images for websites, these images includes pamphlets, signage, logos, photos for blogs, and in books. Mostly the demand of clients for graphic designers is to create social media graphics or pins, and photography in website and promotion and often they create brand services and brand style. Also designing ebooks and printables for clients to promote and market their businesses.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Assistants convey an important role in the digital world. They help small-big scales of business industries in attaining success and promoting competence and accessible business opportunities among the sphere of digital marketing. 

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Usage Of Dynamic Content in Infusionsoft by KEAP Emails https://martechva.com/usage-of-dynamic-content-in-infusionsoft-by-keap-emails/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=usage-of-dynamic-content-in-infusionsoft-by-keap-emails https://martechva.com/usage-of-dynamic-content-in-infusionsoft-by-keap-emails/#respond Fri, 04 Oct 2019 06:21:32 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3308 #post-3308 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3308 > div.entry-content > p:nth-child(2){ padding-top: 120px; }

What exactly is Dynamic Content? How does it work with Infusionsoft CRM? While many business owners and marketers are using email marketing to nurture and keep connected to their contacts, most are just sending the same email drip sequence to everyone on the list.

What if you want to vary the content in the emails according to tags, or field values? This would enable you to tailor emails to personas, categories like industry type, stages in the sales funnel, joining dates, and many more exciting possibilities.

This is where Dynamic Content with Liquid, can make your email look so much more personalized. In this article, we will figure out how Dynamic Content helps you with your emails in Infusionsoft.

Know the topic that we will have today here:

  • What exactly is Dynamic Content?
  • How does Dynamic Content Work?
  • Code Examples

What Exactly is Dynamic Content?

It is a web-page content or an email content that is capable of adapting to the behavior, preferences, demographics, and interests of the user. This kind of content is personalized with the data you collect. The ultimate goal is to deliver engaging and relevant content for your clients or contacts.

There are three ways of how dynamic content change:

  • In-session Behavior– it adapts its content based on the pages the user visits, the products that they add to cart, and how long they stayed in the site.
  • User Data– it changes its content based on previous purchases of the user, customer lifecycle, and past engagement with your marketing.
  • User-Characteristics– the content adapts based on demographics such as geo-location and buyer persona.

It’s exciting for business owners to see Dynamic Content become available in emails in Infusionsoft finally. It will give you an advantage in personalizing and segmenting your emails for your leads. 

With the help of Liquid, you will have access to filters, conditions, and allow you to determine different texts and images from different segments or personas. With that said, there will be no more klunky decision diamonds to achieve the same result.

It opens up a lot of possibilities in email segmentation and bringing Infusionsoft email functionality back on par with other email marketing software like Klayvio and Campaign Monitor. Bearing in mind the complexities of the Campaign Builder, and other moving parts, this is a major upgrade to Infusiosnoft’s email capabilities.

How Does Dynamic Content Works?

Well, we used to have big decision diamonds to create different personalized email messages based on:

(1) Personas – these are archetypal characters that are designed to represent various users (e.g., SME owner, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager) in a targeted demographic, behavior set, or attitude that can use the brand, products, and even the website.

(2) Data in fields – it is a field in the software where you can input or store data such as emails, interests, industry type, addresses, phone numbers, and the like.

(3) Buying history –  it is a list of orders previously made by the users/customers including key information such as total # of orders, delivery dates, and others.

(4) Data tags- these are texts that enable users to assign/attach NBTs (named binary tag) for particular elements or entities such as customers, subscribers, users, and the like.

If there are many conditions, it could end up like this:

Using Dynamic Content in the emails, you will no longer end up crafting lengthy conditions. Instead, you will have this one:

How awesome is that!

The only challenge here is you have to be some sort of a programmer to understand the way to code them. It’s not difficult for people with an engineering/computer programming background but will prove to be challenging for those who don’t have that kind of background. Or else, it will give you a headache just by looking at formulas. 

Terms to Remember

Liquid codes have three categories which are Objects, Tags, and Filters.

  • Objects are Fields, Tags, or even Orders objects in Infusionsoft by KEAP. It tells Liquid where to show the content, and is denoted by {{ }} or [[ ]], double curly or square braces.
  • Tags (not referring to Infusionsoft tags) create the logic and control flow for the templates. It is denoted by curly braces and the percent sign: {%  and %}.
  • Filters have the ability to change the output. It’s used to alter an output data based on the matrix you want to have, and it can be seen or represented by the pipe character “|”.

A FEW EXAMPLES NEXT (WARNING! You may get progressively concerned about the complexity of writing this code yourself. Fear not, you can always get help www.martechva.com, starting from $15/hour. Get a quote to code your emails)

Code Examples 

Below are some of the basic codes that you will encounter using Dynamic Content in Infusionsoft Emails.

Example 1 #

What you write: {{ contact.firstname }} 

What is displayed: Christopher

A contact name is an object in Infusionsoft, with a table of fields. You can see in fields what are available for each object in the Table Schema. Custom Fields are denoted with a “_” before the field name, example:

{{ contact._IndustryType }}

Example 2 #

What you write: Hi {{ contact.firstname | default: ‘friend’ }}

If firstname is Christopher, then

What is displayed: Hi Christopher

If firstname is empty, then

What is displayed: Hi friend

This is absolutely a game-changer. This type of condition/coding allows you to have a default text to fill up the gap of an empty data field. It enables you to create a non-robotic message to your leads(depending on the default text you set). In the past, we had to make sure all first name fields were properly populated to avoid blank entries.

Example 3 #

Control Flow Tags

Say you would like to have a different statement based on a field value like revenue this could be persona-based or field data. This allows you to create a more dynamic logical condition using field value and interactive output you would like to have. 

{% if contact._revenue > 1,000,000  %}

Displays: With a large organization like yours, growth may come at the price of messy data. Data is your new currency.

{% elsif contact._revenue > 250,000 %}

Displays: In SMBs, getting to the right customers at the right time is key.  

{% else %}

Displays: In a micro-SME like yours, every lead counts. Poor follow up is lost revenue.

Excited to learn more about these logical conditions? Get a free trial from Liquid and experience multiple possibilities you can apply for your email marketing.

Example 4 #

More Control Flow Tags

{% if contact.email1.address contains ‘@gmail.com’ %}

<a href=”https://help.keap.com/help/gmail-sync”>Gmail sync for Keap </a> captures the email communications in Gmail into your contact record.

{% else %}

<a href=”https://help.keap.com/help/gmail-sync”>Gmail sync for Keap </a> and <a href=”https://help.keap.com/help/microsoft-sync”>Microsoft email sync </a> for Keap captures the email communications into your contact record.

{% endif %}

As for this kind of control flow code, it enables you to automatically record/capture certain data that fits your condition. This significantly saves you time and effort on manually scouring each data figuring which one to keep or not. 

For example, you want to keep all email addresses that came from Gmail. All you have to do, to set up a control flow tag like the one above and set up the condition that you want.

Example 5 # 

Grab System Fields for Dates

{{ today.date }} 2019-08-13

{{ today.date | short }} 8/13/19

{{ today.date | medium }} Aug 13, 2019

{{ today.date | long }} August 13, 2019

{{ today.date | full }} Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This also works for custom dates in contacts.

{{ contact._subscriptiondate | full }} Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This will solve the issue of dates fields appearing as 08/13/19.  In addition, you can also add formulas to dates! Like this one below:

{{ contact.subscriptiondate | plus_days:14 | full }} Tuesday, August 27, 2019

With this function, you can add a number of days from the current date to reveal a future date.

Use cases:

“ Your special offer will expire on xxxxx “

“ The Super Early Bird price ends XXX”

There are tons of possibilities if you know the entire Liquid library of codes available for you to make your email sing and dance. You can read all about liquid codes here.

OR you can get us to code for you !!! (Get a quote to code your emails starting from $15/hour)

Example 6 #

Case Statements

Hello Contact.Firstname,


{%capture day%}{{‘now’|date:’%A’}}{%endcapture%}

{%case day%}

{%when ‘Sunday’%} Check out our Sunday specials!

{%when ‘Monday’%} Check out our Monday specials!

{%when ‘Tuesday’%} Check out our Tuesday specials!

{%when ‘Wednesday’%} Check out our Wednesday specials!

{%when ‘Thursday’%} Check out our Thursday specials!

{%when ‘Friday’%} Check out our Friday specials!

{%when ‘Saturday’%} Check out our Saturday specials!


Instead of an if and elsif statement, we can use the “capture” function and Case Statements to display different outputs. You can use “when” in place of “if” then “elsif”.

Final Thoughts

With the release of Dynamic Content in Infusionsoft, it enables you to create a much easier personalized email to your leads. Though you have to learn some basic coding to integrate this, it will be worth the effort to boost your marketing strategy. 

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40 MarTech Tasks You Can Hire A Virtual Assistant For https://martechva.com/40-martech-tasks-you-can-hire-a-virtual-assistant-for/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=40-martech-tasks-you-can-hire-a-virtual-assistant-for https://martechva.com/40-martech-tasks-you-can-hire-a-virtual-assistant-for/#respond Fri, 27 Sep 2019 08:57:25 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3259 #post-3259 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3259 > div:nth-child(1){ height: 80%; }

Managing your business is a difficult task, but handling different tasks all at the same time is quite harder. It requires time, patience and knowledge, and even expertise to do specialized tasks and jobs. 

But with the help of skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants, things get easier in handling your business. Trained from general to the most specialized jobs, you can never go wrong in hiring them. 

Here are 40 MarTech tasks you can hire a Virtual Assistant for:


A virtual assistant can easily make calls to identify which ones are ready to purchase or subscribe to your product or service. This way, you only spend time pitching your true prospects that you can lead down the sales funnel of your business. 

They can also schedule those interested prospects with the help of appointment scheduling software. A virtual assistant will ensure that the appointments and timings (with changes in schedules etc.) are uploaded and this helps you keep things on track.

Competitor Target/Audience Research

Staying ahead of your competitors is about keeping your eyes and ears open. You have to regularly conduct research online and check where your rivals stand in the market. 

Outsourcing this job to a virtual assistant can take the stress out of this task and they can collect statistics, facts, and figures that will help you build stronger strategies and stay ahead of the game.

One of the top virtual marketing assistant jobs is competitor analysis and research. Now you don’t have to spend hours in front of your computer trying to figure out where and what your competitors are doing.

Email Marketing

Marketing communication is about making sure that your customers or clients will remember you. The perfect way to execute this is through email marketing. To stay in touch with your existing and future target market, you need to have a VA that handles the following tasks:

  • Create and set-up auto-responders
  • Create and set-up thank you email
  • Create, edit, and send email newsletters – packed with useful content and promotional content
  • Create opt-in forms, etc.

Communication is the foundation of building up business relationships, that’s why a well-rounded Virtual Assistant is important.

Inbound or Follow-up Calls

Need to pursue a sale? Hire a virtual assistant to send a reminder or call to follow up with your warm leads. Answering all further questions can also take time so hand it over to your assistant. He or she can do both inbound and outbound calls.

Blog Management

Another integral part of marketing virtual assistant services but takes up too much time is blog management. Thankfully, a VA can do this by…

  • Researching blog topics and resources
  • Finding appropriate images/videos or case studies
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Finding contributors to your blog
  • Researching top sites to guest-blog

Do you find it pesky to manage your editorial calendar? Have a virtual assistant create one for you and then execute it.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Marketing is all about attracting traffic and increasing visibility through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Two major categories under this marketing strategy are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both can be achieved using SEO Complete Package Solution.

SEO is the process of generating free or organic traffic from search engines while SEM means getting paid traffic from search engines.

SEO virtual assistants can help you with tasks such as:

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On/Off-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Monthly reports, etc.

Social Media Marketing

If you are a busy entrepreneur or professional, chances are, you don’t have the entire day working on your social media marketing. After all, posting and engaging on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn will keep you busy 24/7.

Creating a buzz about your business involves plenty of tasks that you’ll need to perform on a daily basis. Work with virtual assistants who can implement social media management packages such as the following:

  • Finding and posting relevant content on social media platforms
  • Promoting your products or services
  • Engaging with customers or prospects
  • Replying to comments/messages
  • Helping you plan an effective social media strategy
  • Scheduling of posts by using tools such as Hootsuite
  • Updating your business info
  • Monitoring, management, etc.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate Marketing has two main tasks:

  • Create property flyers or brochures – Your real estate virtual assistant can gather all the necessary information and create marketing materials for your listings.
  • Promote open houses – He or she can also promote your properties for an open house via ad and marketing channels such as Craigslist.

Website Update and Maintenance

There are various web development services a VA can help you with along with your existing marketing strategy. This includes: 

  • Adding images, videos, content
  • Adding meta tags and descriptions
  • Linking to other posts

A web developer virtual assistant can also do regular maintenance on your website so it runs smoothly and gives an excellent user experience.

Content Marketing

It is important to create and share value-added content to win prospects or customers. It is also the reason why content marketing shouldn’t be overlooked.

As the competition of businesses gets tougher every day, so you need to create your content strategy. Virtual Assistants provide fresh, informative and interesting content to your audience on a regular basis. 

They can help in every step of a content marketing strategy:

  • Planning
  • Creation
  • Publishing
  • Distribution
  • Performance tracking


Making connections online or in-person can lead to mutually beneficial relationships. Though there are some networking activities that you really do have to do yourself, pretty much all online connections can be done by a virtual assistant.

He or she can start by researching online communities for you to join as well as networking events to attend. You can even hire VAs to search for a call for speakers.

Dropbox/Google Drive Organization

A virtual assistant can help you keep your files organized like Google Drive or Dropbox. They will check all the unnecessary documents and streamline the rest so that you have a clear view of your saved files.

Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs

Many business owners share important work-related documents via Google Docs and have a lot of information stored in the form of word documents. These documents only keep piling up over time and you may find it’s very difficult to organize them and sift through and discard the ones that are redundant or not required. When you outsource this job to a virtual assistant, they will handle this job for you efficiently.

Creating/Managing Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are widely used for data recording, creating reports and information storage. Creating and managing these requires good knowledge of formulas and functions, which can be a quite tedious and time-consuming task. A knowledgeable virtual assistant will help you make sure that all the data, records and information are maintained well.

Audio and Video Transcription

There are times when meetings or presentation recordings need to be transcribed. This could be required because they have to be published, documented or simply filed for office purposes in the form of a word document. 

Virtual assistants can transcribe your business’ audio and video files. That person needs to have good listening and writing skills to handle this kind of job.

Data Mining and Development/Lead Generation

Companies that are serious about their business adopts data mining and lead generation in their marketing development strategies.

The virtual assistant uses specialized software to look for different chunks of data you can use for generating leads and develop effective marketing strategies, cost reduction, and increase sales.

Voicemail Checking

If you are the kind of person who runs a business, you must be receiving tons of work-related calls. However, answering every call is not always possible, especially when you are in a meeting with a client or caught up with some work in your office.

You can hire a virtual assistant to check your voicemail and provide you details about which ones are important and which can be ignored.

Basic Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping software packages were used in almost all businesses in Australia because these are excellent alternatives to traditional paper accounting.

Bookkeeping is very useful in businesses, but you need a certain amount of time, skills, and expertise to master this. One better alternative is by hiring a virtual assistant that is acquainted with these systems. This will ensure your accounting is up to date at all times.

Project Management

Project Management can be a very complex task even for small businesses. It involves tasks which include:

  • Goal setting
  • Delegating tasks
  • Coordinating between the team members
  • Scheduling
  • Collecting data and reporting as well. 

It’s a good idea to outsource project management between you and all your team members, to a competent virtual assistant. The person will be able to handle all these tasks and will report to you with regularity.

Deadline/Deliverables Tracking

There are certain deadlines and deliverables you have to meet and achieve, regardless of whether you provide services or products. You may find it very difficult to focus on these aspects, especially if you are handling several tasks all at once. This is why it’s highly recommended to hire a virtual assistant for this task.

Creating & Scheduling Broadcast Emails

A successful email marketing is all about maintaining consistency and ensuring the communication to keep going with your audience. This is the main reason why you need to send out promotional content and offers via email.

A virtual assistant can manage and schedule broadcast emails that will ensure your promotional content reaches your target audience with regularity and your brand stays at the top of their mind.

Editing/Proofreading Emails

It’s crucial that the content of the emails you send out to your prospects and existing customers should be relevant, interesting and well-written. It’s important to be error-free from a typographical and grammatical viewpoint.

But you may not always have all the time to do proofreading. That’s why having a virtual assistant to edit and proof-read emails is very important.

Basic Audio Editing

Editing regular recording of audio files requires time and patience. And as a business owner, you have other tasks to do. Virtual assistants can do basic editing to your audio files.

Basic Image Editing (Not Graphic Design)

As a small-business owner, you may be uploading a number of photos and images to your website, social media accounts or even your offline media. Virtual assistants can do basic image editing with plenty of tools that help them to process the photos.

Powerpress Installation

Powerpress is a podcasting plug-in for WordPress, a very popular open-source website creation tool. Many business owners use this to build their company websites and improve the site’s functionality. This task can be handled by a Virtual Assistant.

Create and Monitor Ads Campaigns

Ad campaigns are very important for your digital business strategy. It is important to monitor them to see and assess what campaigns are working well and what needs to be changed. Virtual assistants can help and handle and take this tedious job off your shoulders.

Competitor Website Analysis

Virtual assistants conduct an in-depth marketing analysis on your competitor website’s data. With this, they can help you create more strategy and stay on the top of your game.

Landing Page Setup/Creation

An impactful landing page drives page visitors towards conversion. Skilled virtual assistants can take this specialized job to design and plan your pages that blend in seamlessly with the design content, product and message of your site.

Webmaster Submissions

If you want your pages to be viewable on searches on the internet, you need to submit your updated URLs to Google via Webmaster Tools so that they get indexed just as the rest of the pages on your site are. A trained and skilled virtual assistant would be able to handle this job and will ensure that URLs are submitted properly.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a centralized online service that allows users to add, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. VAs can handle bookmarking and tagging via different online bookmarking management services like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious. People would be able to view, share, manage and organize bookmarks of various web pages.

Creating a Social Bookmarking Tracking Sheet

After bookmarking your site, you need to keep track of all backlinks that will help you understand how effective your strategy has been.

A virtual assistant who is well-versed in bookmarking would be able to create a social bookmarking tracking sheet that would tag and track the pages by type, quality, and topic.

Forum Participation/Moderation

Managing online discussions via forum is a great way of keeping the communication going. But this process needs planning and moderating, and an experienced virtual assistant can moderate proceedings and discussions.

Simple eBook Layout/Formatting

Business eBooks are a great way to provide valuable information on current and prospective customers and establishing your reputation as an expert in the field. Hiring a virtual assistant for layout and formatting your eBook is an excellent option as the task can be quite tedious and requires time and expertise.

Designing Infographic Images (Content Provided)

Infographics are very important and creative online marketing strategies and companies like to post these kinds of informative content. 

Most infographics also contain images and you can hire a virtual assistant to design infographics images based on the content you provide and want to upload. A skilled designer will ensure that the images sync well with the textual content.

Designing Websites/Creating Mock-Ups

Designing a website takes a great skill of creativity and knowledge of various aspects of web design. But even before a website is created, the designer can provide a wireframe/mockup of how the site will look. 

A credible and experienced virtual assistant creates mockups with the use of tools like Mockingbird and Mockflow.

Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

With the emergence of Internet-based communication technology, it is now common for team members to work from various remote locations and conduct online meetings.

VAs prepare online meeting minutes and updates important tasks to the members. This person also ensures that the minutes are emailed to attendees.

Basic Video Editing

Virtual assistants can handle basic video editing tasks, like splicing video parts and creating necessary intros and outros. They help you create professional, informative and impactful videos to your site, or to your YouTube channel.

Support and Develop WordPress (PHP) Websites

Many business owners opt for WordPress sites and this is a very user-friendly system that is easy to use and keep updated. But there are a number of site support tasks that require a certain amount of technical knowledge and a virtual assistant can tackle the job of developing and providing support for your PHP website. This will ensure it functions in a seamless manner.

Site Maintenance/Security and Troubleshooting

Every website requires regular maintenance to address formatting issues, content updates to reflect new products, or change the existing design of your website. Virtual assistants can help you with site maintenance, troubleshooting as well as conducting checks and enhancements on your site’s security settings.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a payment gateway function is important so customers can purchase your products. A virtual assistant can help you set up a merchant account so that you’ll be able to accept payments through Payment Gateway.


Business used to hire virtual assistants to handle excess or spillover work that were categorized as non-essential. While this showed advantages, the primary reason was largely for convenience. 

But the evolution and advancement of digital technology & the rise of social media networks changed the perspective about them.

There are plenty of marketing tasks that you can give to virtual assistants. They can complete a wide array of tasks that doesn’t require a physical presence. Their knowledge and experience will help you and your business become more efficient and flexible.

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Importing Data Into A List Box Field In Infusionsoft https://martechva.com/importing-data-into-a-list-box-field-in-infusionsoft/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=importing-data-into-a-list-box-field-in-infusionsoft https://martechva.com/importing-data-into-a-list-box-field-in-infusionsoft/#respond Mon, 23 Sep 2019 08:47:32 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=3163 #post-3163 > div:nth-child(3){ display:none; } #post-3163 > div.entry-content{ padding-top: 0px; }

One of the limiting factors about Data Import in Infusionsoft is you cannot import selected options into a list box custom field. So how do you import data into a list box field in Infusionsoft?

If you try to import for example a cell with “ham,eggs” and expecting it to go into a list box custom field of “Preferred Breakfast Menu Items”, you will be disappointed that it does not work.

The import system does not recognise that the cell with “ham,eggs” separated by commas are two selected options in the list box custom field.

When you try to Import, you will be asked to match Infusionsoft fields, and only a dropdown is provided instead of a list box.

Even if the matching option displays a list box selection, imagine if you have 30 options, and 10,000 different combination variations to match. It will be impossible.

What we’ve done for this project is to create a temporary custom text area field, and firstly import the data into that field.

Then write code that moves the data from any temporary text area field into a list box field.

Our user can then activate the move with a tag goal that triggers HTTP POST and move the data.

Yes, it’s a long workaround, but it’s flexible. It will also work for any field that’s now with data separated by commas and you want to move it to a list box format.

If you are looking for an API to import data into a list box custom field, then this is the code you will need:

https://martechva.com/importing-data-into-a-list-box-field-in-infusionsoft/feed/ 0
7 SEO Ranking Factors To Improve Your Local SEO Ranking https://martechva.com/7-seo-ranking-factors-to-improve-your-local-seo-ranking-vitrual-assistant-task/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=7-seo-ranking-factors-to-improve-your-local-seo-ranking-vitrual-assistant-task https://martechva.com/7-seo-ranking-factors-to-improve-your-local-seo-ranking-vitrual-assistant-task/#respond Thu, 11 Jul 2019 07:51:22 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=2567

Are you looking for a way to improve your business’s local SEO ranking? As a local business, you’d want to reach a lot of customers as much as possible. Previous ways may include you relying on traditional methods to market your brand, but today, digital marketing has made things more accessible and convenient for you.

Although there are multiple channels available to select from, there are certain factors that will help your business build its online presence easily.

Why You Should Invest in Local SEO?

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This marketing strategy requires the use of Google My Business. Most of the searches made have the keywords “near me” attached on the keyword that prompts the Google My Business (GMB) listing.

All other aspects of SEO are still closely connected to local SEO, so if you want to optimise and have a strategic plan at hand, you’re good to boost and increase your website on the search ranking results.

These seven (7) important SEO ranking factors will help increase your search visibility to your customers’ Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

Starting your business’ marketing journey in an environment where competition is rife, you have to discern that to boost your brand’s local ranking and influence online – there are essential SEO ranking factors you can invest your time and effort, along with various marketing tools you can utilise to generate and establish a solid brand exposure.

  • Keywords

Choosing and using the right keywords is an important aspect to easily rank higher on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Keywords are words or phrases customers use to make specific queries in order to search for what they’re looking for online.

In order to plan an effective keyword strategy, you have to be meticulous. Think carefully about what queries your customers would search for when they’re looking for products and or services you offer.

Avoid using jargon or technical terms, which most of your customers may not be familiar with. Try to place yourself in their shoes, think like your customers. What’s more, try to add your city’s name roughly in about two spots on your website pages. Furthermore, check and ensure that the keywords you’re using are relevant to your site’s Metadata/tags title and description.

  • Google My Business & Bing Places for Business

Claim your business on Google My Business and Bing Places for Business to increase the probability of your business showing up when the general public searches for your local business. Your business will show up on different devices and get more exposure on Google Maps, as well.

There are specific steps required to claim your Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. However, a digital marketing agency doing work for a client’s business, it’s important to apprehend that you cannot claim a Google My Business listing for the benefit of your client. The client or owner must be the one to claim the business listing, and they will be the one to assign you as manager of the listing.

One important detail you have to provide for the Google or Bing business listing is the location or residence of the business. But for businesses run from home or in a service area where customers don’t have to come, you don’t have to worry – there’s an option for you to suppress or hide your business’ address.

If Google or Bing asks for a piece of information, try to fill and provide as much information as you can – like images of your brand’s products, logo, types of payment options, your office hours, pictures of your employees, etc. In a way, the more you fill information, the more credible your business will be.

Here’s a checklist of information you have to fill your GMB to optimise your SEO marketing fully:

  1. Verifying your listing
  2. Selecting a business category
  3. Input relevant keywords on your GMB title
  4. Provide a working and crawlable site link of your business
  5. Posting accurate working hours of your business
  6. Posting your physical address
  7. Placing a map marker
  8. Adding the area code to your business’ contact number
  9. Adding photos
  • Local Content

In competing for local search rankings, create content that matches with your competitors. Focus on making content about the local area on your website. Try to reflect what’s going on your city to your business. These days, it’s essential to write content for your website’s blog regularly, even if you’re a local business.

Here are sample content ideas for you to try to work out:

  1. Writing about local news, events and participating activities happening in your local and surrounding areas.
  2. Posting about promotions or specials having in your local area
  3. Writing or posting videos about charity work your business takes part in or supports
  4. If your business offers services to different local cities, create separate city-specific pages on your website, with each page has distinct content from each other.

If you service various locations (e.g. medical practice, dentist, bank, etc.), create a separate page for each area that includes the name, physical address, working hours, services offered, etc. It’s convenient, and it saves time for people visiting your site, who are searching for a specific location. This highly affects your local rankings for every address your locations are in.

Over time, search engines have varied the preferred length of content for years. Albeit, nowadays, the recommended length is at least 1000 words of quality content for your blog. Additionally, you can make use of the city’s name as keywords throughout the content to boost ranks of the location.

  • Online Business Directories

Online business directories are your modern-day equivalent of the Yellowbook. If you talk about online directories, more or less, you hear the word ‘citations’ follow. Citations are any website that contains a business’s name, physical address, and phone number in it.

Excellent examples of online business directories are Foursquare, MerchantCircle and Citysearch. A directory is an excellent way to gain backlinks to a business’s site. There’s a chance that a local business’s directory to show up on the top of the search results on the SERPs.

The first page of the Google search results is often filled with online business listing directories, because high-quality online business listing directories often dominate the SERPs.

Ensure that your brand’s name, address and phone number (NAP) is correct and unchanging on as many citation sites. For instance, in one directory your address shows up to be “26 Wall St,” but on another directory, your address shows up as “Twenty Six Wall St,” search engines can’t differentiate which one is correct or not.

Instead, they may show your competitor, who has unchanging NAP information on the search results. Checking online directories and claiming them is a lengthy process, but it’s worth the investment. “Claiming” and optimising your online business directory greatly helps improve your local search rankings extensively.

  • Reputation Marketing (Reviews)

An online review is an important component to boost your rank on search engines. Online reviews correspond with your local rankings, the more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is to help you get customers.

If you ask for a customer to leave a review to your website, make sure that you give them the correct link of your business’s review site. Don’t make them waste their time. Additionally, when you’re getting reviews on your Google My Business listing, it’s a huge step for your ranking to increase even more.

Caution: Never ask for reviews from your customers all at once. Asking for many reviews at one time will only backfire because, 1) It’s not natural and it looks suspicious to review sites and customers, 2) Because it looks suspicious, there’s a possibility that review sites will hide, or worse, not post those reviews.

  • Backlinks

Getting good backlinks to your site may not be so easy to accomplish – but getting links is an important aspect to improve the domain and page authority of your website when search engines crawl it.

However, be extra careful of bad backlinks. Check the website’s quality to determine whether it’s link-worthy. You can use the Moz Bar Chrome extension to check a site’s Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). The higher the number of their PA and DA, the higher the quality site has.

Also, try to check their Spam score, the lower the score is the less chances a site is bad to get backlinks to. If the score is high, you should not try to get a backlink from this site.

  • Social Media

It’s uncertain how social media affects SEO marketing, but social proof is one of the factors search engines, like Google, considers in ranking a website. The more people who will interact and engage with your business on social media, the higher the likelihood of your local ranking to increase.

Here are signals to monitor that will relate to your local search:

  1. Progressive growth of your brand’s social media followings
  2. Tally of brand-related likes, comments, shares, retweets, reblogs, etc. on different social networking sites
  3. Tally of brand-related mentions on different social networking sites
  4. Amount of reviews and feedback on your social media pages
  5. Age of your brand’s Facebook page
  6. Completed biography of your brand on different social networking sites
  7. Consistent name, address, phone number (NAP) information

Boosting Your Local SEO Ranking

Local SEO is especially a competitive way to gain the advantage and generate visibility for your business. Making use of the SEO factors will help expose and drive website traffic that will achieve your profit goals in no time.

There’s a huge opportunity for small businesses to tap to local SEO marketing. It will significantly help build your brand’s exposure online and gain your desired revenue. Get ready and plan a well-organised and effective local SEO marketing strategy now!

https://martechva.com/7-seo-ranking-factors-to-improve-your-local-seo-ranking-vitrual-assistant-task/feed/ 0
Your Comprehensive Guide for Whitehat Backlinking https://martechva.com/your-comprehensive-guide-for-whitehat-backlinking-virtual-assistant-task/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=your-comprehensive-guide-for-whitehat-backlinking-virtual-assistant-task https://martechva.com/your-comprehensive-guide-for-whitehat-backlinking-virtual-assistant-task/#respond Tue, 09 Jul 2019 10:08:16 +0000 http://martechva.com/?p=2392

A lot of business owners build websites to increase their revenue. Their goal is to convert a mere internet user into a customer. This is the reason why most business owners try their best to have their websites on the first two pages on search engines. There are several ways to optimize your site so it will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) and one way of doing so is through whitehat backlinking.

Before we proceed into knowing more about backlinking, we must first learn what backlink stands for.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link from another site that is directed towards your website. This backlink has a significant impact on your website’s results on the search engines. Backlinks are considered one of the essential elements that can affect your website’s ranking on search engines.

Although the search engines consider other factors in displaying results, it has been widely known that backlinks can greatly affect the search results. Nobody knows for sure how the search engines decide the rankings; However, we know for certain that backlinks play a huge part in it.

Because of the role it plays, people have used backlinking in several ways. Today, there are two known types of backlinks that are used by digital marketers around the world. These are:

  • Whitehat Backlink
  • Blackhat Backlink

What is a Whitehat Backlink?

Whitehat Backlink refers to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice of driving traffic to a website through SEO techniques that follow accordingly to the search engine’s policies and rules. Its main goal is to guide people accordingly to give them a smooth user experience so these people will eventually convert.

Whitehat Backlinks takes a lot of time before you could reap its fruit. The good thing about this is that, as time progresses, your website will grow stronger. Whitehat backlinks are a good investment that can last for a long time.

Suppose you have a website about your photo studio. Now, you want other people to see your website so they would hire the service that you offer. If you want to use the Whitehat Backlink strategy, you first should make sure that your website is well optimized in a way that your page visitors will understand what’s written in it. Then, you will search for a website and ask them for a backlink through a guest post.

The organic traffic that you drive from the search engine will most likely convert because your site is built for your page visitors.

Common Techniques for Whitehat Backlinking

If you’re planning on using whitehat link building techniques for your website, here are three whitehat backlinking strategies to help you get started:

  • Directories
    You can easily find business-oriented online directories on the internet. During the site ranking process, search engine bots crawl on these business directories. The search algorithms find the same contents as an excellent sign of credibility which will rank your business profiles higher.
  • Blog Guest Posting
    As mentioned earlier, one of the things you should do if you want to get started with backlinking is to research. Look for sites that are relevant to your niche. If you’re selling organic fruits on your site, look for websites who offer the same products as you do. Once you have done your research, make a shortlist of the sites, whom you think are in need of guest posting.
  • Join Online Communities
    Another way to help you earn high-quality backlinks is through building a good relationship with the people who have the same content as you have. Through building relationships, you can easily share or ask for a link from their unique content. Joining Facebook groups, forums, online communities, and answering queries by establishing yourself as an authority also helps strengthen online relationships.

What is a Blackhat Backlink?

Contrasting to the Whitehat Backlinks, the blackhat backlinks refers to the use of Search Engine Optimization practices through underhanded methods. This includes the aggressive use of SEO strategies, tactics, and techniques that is more focused on the search engines and not on the people. Most of the time, people who use blackhat backlinks don’t follow the rules and guidelines the search engines provide.

People opt for this type of backlink because they want to have a quick return for their investment. Although you get quick results if you use blackhat, this doesn’t mean that people will easily convert and become your client or customer. Especially because it’s not customer-centred, as opposed to whitehat SEO. Now, if you’re thinking of using this type of strategy, you will be posting a huge risk for your website. This includes getting banned from the search engines.

Let’s go back to our example earlier, suppose you have a website for your photo studio and you want to it to be ranked. Now, because you want to see the results as soon as possible, you decide to opt for a blackhat backlink. Let’s assume that your website rose up the search engine quickly and you began driving traffic on your website.

However, because your page is not designed for people, the traffic that your website gets doesn’t really convert into revenues. Aside from that, page visitors jump out of your website as soon as they land because they don’t find the contents on your site relevant.

Common Techniques Used for Blackhat Backlinking

Here are three of the common blackhat backlinking techniques used by a lot of blackhat digital marketers:

  • Cloaking
    This refers to having the search engine record a content that’s different from what the searcher expects to see. Cloaking works by showing the search engine spiders a different face and displaying another face for the website visitors.
  • Paying for Links
    Link building is never an easy task, especially if you’re still new. You would have to go through a lot of rejections before your request is accepted. Buying links makes this task less unbearable. However, Google Webmaster is completely against this. Google’s goal is to give the users the most relevant results. However, with buying links, the results could be changed and be manipulated. If you get caught, you’re website might get a permanent ban.
  • Spam Comments
    You may have encountered getting comments that are completely irrelevant, which contains a link. These spam comments are created with the thought of getting free backlinks. Although this technique renders no SEO advantage for you, especially because links that are gained through this way is strictly ‘no-follow’, this is still one of the most used techniques used by black hat digital marketers.


We all want to be on the first two pages on the search engines because it means more traffic and more opportunity to pitch our products to the page visitors. Optimizing a site for search engine is not an easy task. It’s a lengthy process that takes time, money, and effort, however, it’s not impossible. Start planning now, then, get to work. 

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