Importing Data Into A List Box Field In Infusionsoft

One of the limiting factors about Data Import in Infusionsoft is you cannot import selected options into a list box custom field. So how do you import data into a list box field in Infusionsoft?

If you try to import for example a cell with “ham,eggs” and expecting it to go into a list box custom field of “Preferred Breakfast Menu Items”, you will be disappointed that it does not work.

The import system does not recognise that the cell with “ham,eggs” separated by commas are two selected options in the list box custom field.

When you try to Import, you will be asked to match Infusionsoft fields, and only a dropdown is provided instead of a list box.

Even if the matching option displays a list box selection, imagine if you have 30 options, and 10,000 different combination variations to match. It will be impossible.

What we’ve done for this project is to create a temporary custom text area field, and firstly import the data into that field.

Then write code that moves the data from any temporary text area field into a list box field.

Our user can then activate the move with a tag goal that triggers HTTP POST and move the data.

Yes, it’s a long workaround, but it’s flexible. It will also work for any field that’s now with data separated by commas and you want to move it to a list box format.

If you are looking for an API to import data into a list box custom field, then this is the code you will need:

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