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Link building, also called off-page SEO, is about getting other websites to mention and link to your website. The better the authority, reputation and relevance of the website linking to you, the higher quality the backlink. This helps google bots determine if your webpages are relevant to what people are searching for. Be wary of automated backlinking or irrelevant spam comments on blogs. These are not the proper way of building backlinks.

What Is Local SEO Citation Building?

Backlinks from other websites should be a gradual & natural process. However, if your website is new and you do not actively promote it, how would other people find your website’s wonderful content?

Backlink building accelerates this process by getting your website mentioned by other websites.

The best way is to:

This process can be very time consuming and is best to outsource to a backlink building virtual assistant.


You want to do an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s links and how you can create, mimic or take these links from them.

You want to check your backlinks once a month an have a report showing the good and bad links you might have.

You want to disavow links especially negative links. You can also choose to disavow deleted links, unrelated links, and links that have loading issues.

You want to post on forums to generate good quality inbound links.

You want to set up a guest post for your site or do a guest post on another site.

You want to do email outreach campaigns to drive influencers of your target market to promote your brand, services, and products.

You want to fix any broken links and 404 errors within your website. Prevent your customers from having bad experience by making sure your site is broken line and 404 error-free.

You monitor links that are live and pending, for the live links see if they are still going while on the pending links make sure to check you email a few times to see if your listing has been approved.


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