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Your website is your central hub for all your digital marketing efforts. One way to measure the effectivity of all your marketing efforts is through Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

What Is Local SEO Citation Building?

Formerly known as Google Webmasters Tools, the Google Search Console provides you a lot of information about your website and those who visit it. Some of the information that you can get are:

Citation Building Involves

It can also help you


You want to set up Google a Google Analytics account for your business or link a website to an existing Google Analytics account. With a GA account set up, you will be able to check your website’s traffic from the traffic source to how users interact with your website.

You want to check your Google Analytics data so you can further analyze what needs to be done in order to meet your goal. Also includes implementing your goals to make sure that they are monitored every now and then.

You want a full site check up to see if your site is optimised for conversions. Through a CRO you will be able to check which elements of your site design are geared to helping your site visitors convert to customers and also fix site issues that deter your traffic from becoming leads.

You want to set up Google a Search Console account for your site or business. You want to link a website to an existing Google Search Console account. With GSC set up, you can check your site’s performance and crawl errors.

You want to check any possible link errors and site performance improvement using Google Search Console.

You want your site to be indexed by search engines like Google so that your site will be displayed in the results list of these search engines.


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