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MartechVA uses Structured Tasks to Manage Your Projects.

What is it?

Structured tasks are a clearly defined system of what needs to be done over a certain period. It can be an outline, a task-list, or a plan with detailed descriptions and expectations for your employees to accomplish. It’s an efficient way to help you break down projects or big tasks into smaller and more manageable ones so it’s time-bounded and attainable by the team.

Structured tasks guides your employees to set-up and achieve goals through proper time management and use of their resources. It helps them, and even the new ones, to get a groove and make the work flow smoother.

Structured tasks help you to:

Your Guide To Structured Tasks

Keeping track of all your website activities can get way out of hand. With your campaigns running, on and off-site SEO tasks, ongoing website development and call support inquiries, it’s impossible to put equal focus on each of these activities. Take the pressure off your shoulders and let your employee do the new and repetitive tasks your site needs.

Here are 3 Effective Tips for a Successful Task Structuring:

1. Write Down Your Instructions

Create a detailed instruction for your employees to follow. Include the descriptions, time allotment, and expectations for each task.

2. Provide Feedback Every Now and Then

Let your employees know if they’re on track and what your think of their work – whether it needs revisions, minor improvements, or it’s already approved.

3. Update Your Data and Task List

Monitor work progress regularly and tick off accomplished tasks one by one. The next thing you know, you’re already done with a project.

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